Remember to give thanks.


“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like

wrapping a gift and not giving it.”  William Arthur Ward

With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, it made me think about being thankful and being mindful to say “thank you” whenever possible.  Instead of the typical Christmas postcards I send out with a coupon to wish my clients happy holidays and offer a special discount to thank them for their loyal service, I decided to do an autumn one.  It has pretty fall colors and the text “celebrate fall.”  This also helps to avoid potentially offending people by saying “Merry Christmas.”  Everyone can find a reason to celebrate the beautiful changing colors of Fall.

It has been a trend on Facebook lately for people to post what they are thankful for everyday the whole month of November.  In my opinion, we should be thankful for people and things everyday, not just during a particular time of year.  I am a huge fan of social media, but saying it in person means so much more.

Letting your clients know how much you appreciate their business is an important aspect of client retention.  This can be done either by sending out postcards, texts, e-mails, or in person.  A nice touch is to offer a discount in addition to the correspondence.  This may encourage a client you haven’t seen in a while to visit you and treat themselves during this often stressful time of year.

Once I get my website up and running, I plan to send out postcards notifying my clients of it.  First I need to figure out how to put one together that I can be proud to show off.



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