Website or bust.


WebsiteI have been doing a lot of thinking about starting a website.  I have been brainstorming ideas on what I want it to look like and how I want to represent my small business on the internet.  I am currently researching hosting sites and which ones would be both effective and affordable.  When you don’t have the advantage of meeting with a client face to face, the disadvantage is that they become focused on the superficial aspects of your business.  Is the website attractive?  Is it professional?  Will you post a photo of yourself?

When I search for a business online and find them, but there is no website I get discouraged and skip over that business to continue my search.  If you’re interested in trying a new restaurant, don’t you want to check out their menu?  A sleek, simple design and an easily navigatable website are key to a successful website.

At my previous business, their website had online booking.  It was very successful because it offered an incredibly convenient way to book appointments without having to call and schedule, possibly get the voicemail, and then play phone tag for a couple of days.  I don’t want to discount the simplicity of an appointment book though.  The accessability of being able to schedule appointments without having to “log on” to a website is convenient.  In addition, there is generally a monthly cost for the service.

I think I will start with a simple website where prospective clients can view my prices and contact information.  I like the idea of including client testimonials and photos of my office also.  These multimedia elements add features to the website that make  it unique.


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