Is marketing by mail a thing of the past?


Look at your dining table or desk.  Is it covered with junk mail?  It is overwhelming how much of our mail consists of bulky, unmanagable junk mail.  If there is a coupon or special offer in there you may want to use, it’s going to require some extensive sifting through piles of pizza ads and furniture store ads.  It can be very distracting.

Everyone who starts a new business wants to get their name out to as many people as possible, as fast as possible, and let’s face it, as inexpensively as possible.  The hope is to notify current clients of your new business name and location and woo back some of your clients that haven’t been in for quite a while.

Upon starting my business I ordered and mailed out about one hundred postcards.  You can order these and personalize them very easily from vistaprint.  I also included a coupon to use toward your first massage–at times it can be inconvenient to follow someone you like from location to location so I offered the coupon as an extra incentive.  The postcards cost about $30.00 and postcard stamps cost about $33.00 plus time addressing each and every one.

About a week after mailing them, the phone calls started trickling in.  I was somewhat stressed about the newly acquired overhead I was paying, so in an attempt to drum up some business I sent out a mass text messageMarketing to about twenty-five clients that I communicate with via text messaging.  I was astonished by the results–I booked four massages that week and a few for the following week.  I offered a discount as a grand opening special and it was well recieved.  These clients not only now know where I’m located, but several of them have referrred their friends to me.  It was at no extra cost to me as unlimited text messaging is included in my cell phone plan.

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