Multimedia Journalism Takeaway.



This was the first journalism class I have ever taken and I believe after taking it I have a new appreciation for the field.  I am now able to recognize multimedia elements when watching television, browsing the internet, and using my smart phone.

My multimedia journalism class at Sierra NevadaCollege has progressed quickly over the last few months. We only meet for two hours and forty-five minutes once a week, but we packed so much into those few hours. Our first assignment was to post a photo slideshow on Flickr. Our next assignment was to post an audio recording using a Zoom H2n recorder to Sound Cloud. Our next assignment was to record an audio interview, take a series of photos and combine them to create an audio slideshow to post on Audio Soundslides. The last and final assignment is to take photos, record video, and record an audio interview from which we are going to post the video to You Tube.

These assignments along with weekly blogging on Word Press has given me a crash course on all things multimedia.  I think I enjoyed blogging the most because there were less strict guidelines and allowed me to express my creativity.  The part of the class I enjoyed the least was posting stories from the Eagle’s Eye newspaper online.  I think it’s because it is very deadline focused, making it an unfamiliar realm for me.  However, the more often I did it, the easier it got.  There were a few learning curves that stumped me along the way, but with practice and persistence I prevailed.

I hope that I am able to utilize the skills that I have learned in my daily life as well as in my professional life.  My newly gained knowledge of multimedia journalism will help with personal branding, ensuring greater success in my career as an elementary education teacher.

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  1. I’m glad you learned a lot in Multimedia Journalism, and I look forward to having you in class again in Journalism Workshop. I hope you are able to use the skills you’ve learned in your “next” career. Maybe you’ll create an Audio Soundslides of a class project and show it to your parents during Back-to-School Night!

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