Tweeting with the masses



Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service.  Although I have been familiar with the site for many years and even have an existing account, I didn’t realize that it was considered microblogging.  This enables its users to send and receive text-based messages of up to 140 characters known as “tweets.”

My familiarity with Twitter has been based upon how popular it has become among celebrities.  I like to watch a lot of entertainment news and they often cover the most popular celebrity tweets and twit pics.  People and celebrities alike use Twitter as a way to announce pregnancies, engagements, marriages, and other big news.  Who is the most popular twitterer, you ask?  Not a scientist, philosopher or spiritual leader.  It is an 18-year-old pop star with famous hair.  Justin Bieber has more than 33,333,000 followers, edging out Lady GaGa by only a few thousand.  The 76-year-old newly inducted Pope Francis took to his twitter account to show his appreciation.

Our assignment was to post ten tweets about the art on display in Prim Library at Sierra Nevada College.  Besides getting in trouble for photographing an artist’s piece of work, the assignment went well.  It was sort of embarrassing as I know taking photos of art without permission is not allowed, but I wanted to try my hand at posting a twit-pic.  There were so many pieces on display both in the Tahoe Gallery and throughout the library that it was hard to choose which ones to tweet about.  The most notable thing I tweeted about was how enjoyable it is to attend a college that appreciates art the way Sierra Nevada College does.  I truly enjoy passing by the gallery between my classes and taking a mental break.

I had an old account, but decided to start fresh and open a new account that I plan to use consistently.  It is an extremely user-friendly social networking site and a nice change from Facebook and Instagram.

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